Hi, I'm Samantha

About the Photographer

I'm Samantha Overton, owner of Sovera Photography.  I reside in Southeast Texas. My love for photography formed when I was in college care-taking for my parent. I began to realize life can be taken for granted so easily so I invested in my first camera in 2017. With that camera, I took pictures all the way till it was time to say good-bye to my parent. However, I was also saying hello to motherhood by welcoming my first child and also a new model. Bittersweet era.

I love for my pictures to speak a thousand words. Every second is precious and should be valued; I make sure that shows in all my pictures. I guarantee my clients great service by bringing their vision to life through my lens.

Here, clients are considered family. I work closely with my clients; I make sure to provide professionalism and promptness within a comfortable environment. I look forward to adding you to the family and working with you!