When will I receive the pictures?

Within 7-10 business days after the appointment depending on type of session. However, the company makes it their goal to send pictures of high quality over to clients within 5-7 days.

Rush fee $50

How early should someone book an appointment that is needed for an event?

1-2 Weeks before event to receive pictures in time of events

Do you travel outside South east Texas (Port Arthur, Beaumont, Orange)?

Yes, Depending on location, it will cost additional fee. Contact for more information.


What is the largest group of people you take? 

I only take pictures of groups up to 10 people.

Where are you located?

The company is located in Beaumont, Texas, but is mobile. To receive the studio's address, contact the company.

Refundable, if any?

No. Deposits contribute to ordering props

What is the best way to contact the company?

Through e-mail: soveraphotography@gmail.com

Which is the company's most flexible day(s)?

Weekends 9am-5pm

What is latest time to book?

7pm, unless it is an event (contact for information)


What type of events does the company photograph?

Prom, Birthday, Graduation, proposal, business

if unsure (contact for more information)

Do you print?


Do you burn CDs?



How to receive pictures?

Through e-mail, Flash drive